Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mommy likes her Christmas presents!

I know that some woman would go ballistic if their husbands bought them kitchen and cleaning equipment for Christmas {Birthday's, Anniversaries, Easter, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Clean Sock Day} but I LOVE it!

My bestie the Kitchen Aid was a birthday gift two years ago and I could never part with it! Last year hubby got me this amazing cake decorating kit and filled my stocking with totally awesome spatula's like this one!

{if you do not have an offset spatula you best run out and get yourself one because they are just fab!}

This year we opted to do just stockings for each other and mine happened to have the most amazing knife ever! I have coveted it for a very long time but couldn't bring myself to spend $50 on a single knife, but my hubby loves me so he did!

Even better he also got my bestie {the Kitchen Aid} it's new best friend - a paddle attachment with silicone scrapers!! Never again will I have have to scrape down the sides of my Kitchen Aid bowl!

To top it all off I used an Amazon gift card {also a Christmas gift, but not from hubby} to order the most amazing yet horribly fattening and heart attack inducing cookbook ever, The Pioneer Woman Cooks. If you are clueless about the Pioneer Woman You. Must. Go. Here. Right. Now! You won't be sorry, your jeans may be but you won't be! And after you go there go here and buy the cookbook that you will drool over!

My cookbook came in the mail yesterday and I was eager to make something, anything from it so I whipped together her French Breakfast Puffs this morning and O.M.G. a food coma awaits but they are soooooo yummy! So full of sugar that I will be zipping around the grocery store this morning!


Christy said...

I am with you on receiving awesome kitchen things as gifts! I was just thinking about this yesterday because I remember that my mother always hated receiving gifts for the house. Not me. Give me a cool kitchen gadget and I am a happy camper. I so badly want a Kitchen Aid mixer. It's at the top of my wish list. When I get one, I'll have to get that cool gadget to go with it. Those puffs look so good.

Sherry said...

I am also with you on kitchen stuff ... infact I got several kitchen items and gadgets this year!And I COLLECT *LOL* cookbooks, so those are always welcomed too! Hub always does a fantasic job picking out justthe right things!

Anonymous said...

I got a kitchen aid for Christmas this year after wanting, begging, saving, etc for one for 7 years. My husband walked in with the day before Thanksgiving and said Merry Christmas. (I was making dinner for 9 of his Navy buddies) BEST GIFT EVER! I didn't even know that paddle attachment even existed...going to have to look into it =)

Michelle said...

I love kitchen stuff too, that knife looks amazing. I have wanted to get one for awhile, but couldn't do the $50 dollars either. I will have to hint around it for my birthday :0)
That attachment for the mixer looks so cool, I hate having to stop and scrape the edges of the bowl. That will have to be added to the wish list too.

Happy New Year!!


Jamie said...

I know this is a super old post but I was looking through your recipes (I'm making your cream cheese crescents tomorrow) and I was wondering if the paddle attachment with scrapers works well? Do you really not have to scrap the sides of the bowl anymore? I'm thinking about buying one, but only if it's worth it. :)