Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beaded Wreath Ornaments

These are a super easy kid friendly ornament activity, Madison was able to do almost all of it on her own!

Materials: green pipe cleaners, a variety of green beads & red ribbon.

For each wreath we folded one pipe cleaner in half and threaded the beads on. At the end we simply looped the pipe cleaner around the other end and fed the loose ends into the beads to finish it off. Topped with a cute ribbon ~ adorable! You could definitely do two layers on the wreath and add a few red beads for variety too!

During my travels this week I want to find something to make a teeny tiny tag to add to them so I can write 2009.


Jamie said...

Aww! So cute!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Very pretty!

Michelle said...

Emily would love to do these what fun presents they would make for her aunts and uncles!!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Such a cute ornament! My daughter would love to do this! Sounds simple enough and something she could definitely pretty!

Our Little Family said...

Ohhhhh, this is our Advent activity for tomorrow!! I hope ours turn out as pretty as yours!