Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where do they live?

Madison is really at the must ask questions all day long stage and sometimes its cute, sometimes its annoying and sometimes I want to scream I don't know!! Well Great Grandma from Montana will be flying in later this month and I have heard "Where is Great Grandma coming from?" more times than I count. All the questions inspired a quick little family geography lesson earlier this week.

Armed with our Dollar Store United States map, sticker paper and the handy dandy computer we set to work as a family figuring out where we all live.

Daddy pulled up maps of the states so that he could rather accurately place the pictures and arrows in the appropriate spots.

We included a picture of Madison when she was a baby because she was born in Washington but we currently live in Connecticut.

We also added our little family, grandparents and great grandparents.

Now whenever Madison asks me where Great Grandma is coming from I tell her to look at the map! Although now I am working on explaining that Montana is not the same as Hannah Montana!


Jamie said...

What a cute and good idea! :-)

Pink & Green Mama said...

Ha-Ha!! Adorable and a great idea. My girls think Pencils are made in Pennsylvania and kept looking for them on our trip there this summer!
: ) tee-hee!

Our Little Family said...

What an awesome idea!! I LOVE that you used pictures, too! I'll totally have to file this away for when Maddie starts asking the same type of questions. :)