Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We are on friendly terms

The sewing machine may not be my best friend yet but I don't tremble at the sight of it anymore either. This past weekend I fell in love with the chair backers at Pottery Barn but thought "You know what? I am not going to buy these I am going to go make them!" And that I did.

Canvas is actually surprisingly cheap so I bought a whole yard with hopes of making a chair backer for each season for Madison. I haven't ventured to the seasonal ones yet though, instead I went for an every day look.

Hubby picked out the patches, cute huh?!

Madison said she thought the bag was a good a idea because "You can leave me surprises in there!" Now I just have to explain to her that there won't be a surprise in there every day!

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Elise said...

Hi Amanda

Ahhh the mind of a three year old - always a thinkin!!!

You clever girl creating such a cute, personalised chair backer. It looks fantastic.