Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Seed Art

I would love to post cute pictures of Madison carving a pumpkin but they don't exist. This year Madison wanted absolutely nothing to do with the pumpkin and continued to say it was yucky - what a girly girl I have!

I was hoping to come up with some great craft to do with the pumpkin seeds I saved but decided to let Madison lead me in a craft this time.

Armed with scrap cardboard, crayons, glue and pumpkin seeds Madison decided she wanted to make a tree! She asked me to draw the tree for her and then she took over with the glue and pumpkin seeds.

Madison was thrilled that I handed over the whole bottle of glue! I was surprised to watch her deliberately put little dots all over the branches for the pumpkin seed leaves.

Time for the pumpkin seeds!

I am so proud of Madison and here cute little pumpkin seed tree!


Christy said...

That is so clever and original! I really like it.

Terri said...

WOW~ What a great idea. I love the imagination of children. Give them anything to play with and it becomes somethign so major within seconds. I really hope that I can keep my imagination young having a little girl myself who already love art. Thank you for sharing.

PS- I saw my Sew Fantastic button... Thanks for the support. Send me your address to for a surprise in your mailbox to say thanks.


The Mumpowers said...

That is so, so cute!

Elise said...

Madison did a great job and it is perfect for fall.

Amanda said...

This is so cute. What a creative little girl! :)

Kelly said...

By golly, your wee one did a fantastic job!!!