Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Candy Corn Day!

In celebration of this wonderful day Maddie made a super cute scrunchy candy corn! We did an apple with the same technique a few weeks ago and anything involving glue and scrunching paper is a hit with Mad!

Materials: scrap cardboard*, yellow/orange/white tissue paper squares, glue
Optional: yellow/orange/white paint

I decided to section off each part of the candy corn and paint a colored dot to help Madison remember where to put each colored tissue paper square. This also meant that I could clean the kitchen while she worked on her project all by herself!

Look mom! All done! Now can I have CANDY please! Please! Please!

*I cut out the sides of cereal boxes so we always have some scrap cardboard laying around the house!


The Mumpowers said...

Super cute! I'm totally going to do these types of crafts with my daughter when she's old enough. Great idea to cut out the sides of cereal boxes for scrap cardboard.

Christy said...

Very cute. We always use cereal boxes for crafts too. They are sturdy without being too difficult to cut. Maddie looks so proud of her candy corn!

Tiff said...

That is so cute! Do you scrunch up the pieces for her or let her do it? Love the finished picture - she looks so happy!! :)

Our Little Family said...

Love this!! Ever since we copied you and made pumpkins, Maddie has been wanting to do it again. We'll totally have to do candy corns!!

whisperingwhispers said...

This is so cute! Great idea to cut the sides out of the cereal boxes, I can see my hubbies face now when I tell him my next idea! His words will be, "Are you serious?" Where will you keep that?"

Thank you for sharing this really is so cute, and I love how your daughter is so proud of herself!

Jamie said...

I put a link to this post in my latest blog post, I hope that's ok! :-)