Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloweenie - Part II

I had no idea there was going to be a part two until I saw Babalisme made a just as adorable little boy paper doll! I set to work at naptime yesterday so Madison would have a fun surprise when she woke up.

Once again armed with a roll of contact paper I set to work! This time I felt a bit more adventurous and cut out the shoes too. I knew that single shoes wouldn't last so I had to get a little crafty!

*Sorry! The picture is rough, I took it with my phone camera!

After cutting out all of the shoes I lined a piece of contact paper on top of the dolls feet (sticky side up) then I was able to line up exactly where the shoes should be to fit on the doll. Now instead of having two shoes there is one magnet with both shoes on it that line up perfectly!

Madison has been happily playing with her new doll all day! Her favorite is to dress the little boy as a princess and the little girl as a pirate!


dnelms said...

Amanda thse are adorable but I can't get them to download for some reason-could you possibly email them to me Thanks in advance! We have lots of little girls in our family who I know would enjoy these!

Kim said...

You are so smart!!! This is such a great idea. After I read this, I immediately got to work making a set for my daughter, and she loves them. Thanks for the awesome idea. I put a picture of the ones I made, with a link to your post on my blog today. Thanks again!