Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What I Learned This Weekend


That is my sigh of relief that the weekend is over. Isn't the weekend supposed to be restful? Rejuvenating? Absolutely not, instead it is always busy, busy, busy. I don't mind though I can take a nap this afternoon!

Friday To Do:
  • Oil Change at Sears
  • Quick trip to the grocery store
  • Clean the house and prep dinner and dessert for our guests
  • Entertain our guests - I do not juggle
What I Learned Friday:
  • I am completely incapable of going to the mall without shopping. A trip to Sears for an oil change leads to bags from The Christmas Tree Shop, Old Navy and Sears.
  • Roasted garlic only takes minutes to permanently scent your house like an Italian restaurant.
  • Martha Stewart is my idol but will eventually lead to my demise; making everything by hand is fantastic but a lot of work.
  • If the other players drink while playing marbles I do much better.
Martha's amazing pie crust!
Saturday To Do List:
  • Sleep in
  • Make two chocolate layered cheesecakes
  • Nap time
  • Picnic with my dad's family
What I Learned Saturday:
  • Madison does not sleep in - ever.
  • Cool Whip spreads much easier when not frozen solid.
  • Madison really is potty trained NO ACCIDENTS!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bribing with brownies is A-Okay.
  • The location of every bathroom between our house and my aunt's.
Sunday To Do List:
  • Sleep in
  • Make corn salad
  • Picnic at my mom's house
What I Learned Sunday:
  • Madison still does not sleep in.
  • I am the only one in the neighborhood who fires up the grill before 8:00am.
  • I can stitch a shirt with a dull broken needle - Thank you Martha!
  • Maybe not completely potty trained, but only one accident the whole day.
  • My mother's house is not as flammable as once thought.
Maddie's first bonfire.
Monday To Do List:
  • Sleep in
  • Shower
  • Muffin Tin Monday
  • Nap
  • Laundry
What I Learned Monday:
  • Sleep is not a necessity.
  • Showering at 11:35am is still AM therefore still morning and therefore still acceptable.
  • Clean pjs are Monday attire.
  • I am too lazy to throw food in a muffin tin after partying all weekend.
  • Stains acquired by a three year old over Labor Day weekend are not removable at all.
Our new Halloween muffin tin from the Christmas Tree Shop ~ $1.99!!

We had a fantastic weekend with family, friends and lots of yummy food! I am still shooting for a nap today, but besides that life is back to usual.


The Mumpowers said...

Sounds like you had a fun, BUSY weekend. And great find on that Halloween muffin tin! I swear we're going to go broke once we're back in the states and I can shop, shop, shop! lol

Pink & Green Mama said...

wow!! Your post makes me want a nap. Love the new spooky muffin tin : )

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

that was a really cute post! :)

Miller Moments said...

I'm new to your blog and loved this post. Too funny! Love your new muffin tin. :)

Anonymous said...

If you were drunk you hid it really well. Unlike my toe-crushing husband who still insists I shouldn't have put my big feet under his chair.

This muffin tin monday thing is so cute! Once Baby Evan starts eating stuff I might join in.