Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daddy is awesome

Madison has had this horrible habit lately of creeping in our room around 3:30am and sneaking into our bed. Most of the time I have no idea about her middle of the night adventures because she heads straight to hubby's side of the bed and doesn't bother me in the least (thank you for that!). Hubby on the other hand ends up losing some very precious hours of sleep. Well the genius man I married has said 'No More!!!' and set to work turning Mad's bed into a super cool tent this weekend!

Maddie's bed is actually the bottom half of a bunk bed (the top half is in her room at my mom's) so it has holes in each corner which bamboo poles fit in perfectly! Hubby used some zip-ties to lash together a sturdy frame that we tossed a queen size fitted sheet over and now Mad has the coolest bed tent!

Her new tent hasn't 100% cured the middle of the night visits but it certainly has helped and it makes bedtime story time super fun! Which makes me wonder if the tent is for Maddie or for daddy.....


Michelle said...

Great idea...Emily has the same comforter set!

Our Little Family said...

Ahhhh, how fun!! He did a great job!!

I was talking to my husband about keeping Maddie in a crib until... forever. Ha! She's totally the type of kid that will come out 40 million times to tell us something or get water or go to the bathroom. Although, with a cool tent... Who knows! :)

Love it!