Saturday, September 12, 2009

Crafts with dad

I love my husband. I really really really love my husband. I love him all that much more when he entertains Mad with crafts and fun times while I am busy!

Last weekend was a long busy weekend for us but daddy stepped up to the plate and kept Maddie entertained whenever I was starting to feel stressed out.

Fishing ~ Daddy Style

We have all seen the cute little magnetic paper clip fish projects well my hubby went his own route, via picture hanging hooks, enormous fish, pipe cleaners, and giant bamboo poles. Maddie had a BALL! I was hesitant at first, convinced that this was so not going to work but of course it did.
Of course my coffee table is the fishing boat!

Puppet Theater

I will fully admit hubby's puppet theater puts mine to great shame! I will take credit for the curtains though because I did sew them all by myself!

Hubby wrapped the theater in the wrong side of wrapping paper so Mad would have a nice white surface to paint on.What an awesome job they did! Aren't the puppets adorable? Thanks Great Grandma for your Target Dollar Spot find!


Michelle said...

I love when Daddy get to do projects with Emily too. Your husband did a super job. That puppet theater is awesome, and I now NEED to check out my target for those cute hand puppets. Maddie did a great job decorating it and I love the fishing game too!

Elise said...

Hi Amanda

I have noticed that you comment on many of the blogs I also visit, so I thought I would stop by. I am so happy that I did and have enjoyed reading about all of the things you and Maddie get up to. I also have a little girl who is turning three next weekend and a little boy who recently turned one.

Your husband came up with lots of fun ideas for Maddie. I also love when my husband comes up with his own versions of activities. My hubby's expertise would have to be the obstacle courses he puts together, there is no way I could organise one anywhere near as good as his!

I look forward to being a regular vistor here.

Anonymous said...

where is the recipe for this awesome sounding apple cedar chicken? :D