Friday, September 11, 2009

The Cons of Being Potty Trained

  • All money that is saved on diapers is now spent on toilet paper, tons and tons of toilet paper
  • A 45 minute trip to the grocery store now takes 2 hours
  • We can no longer drive from our house to Nanny's without at least 2 stops to use a potty ~ Nanny's house is only 20 minutes away!
  • All that naked bum we thought we wouldn't have to see we still see but now it's mobile
  • My child now asks to potty in the closet ~ I know really?!
  • I wash TONS of underwear. Not because of accidents but because every time she goes she needs to change them into a new fancier pair.
  • "I'm peeing" means I have to pee in Maddie world. This sent mommy into a panic a few times before the difference was distinguished.
  • Another excuse to get out of bed. "Mommmmmmmm I have to pee! Mommmmmm I need water! Mommmmmm I need books!" ~Maddddd I need silence!


Our Little Family said...

Ha! I can SO relate AND agree!! Why am I longing for the diaper days? Because they were easier!! This morning, she peed, we went to get bagels. She peed, we went to the market. Halfway through the market, she had to pee. We got to gymnastics, she has to pee. Good GRIEF! It's exhausting.

And, Maddie says the SAME thing, "Mommy, I'm peein'" What that means is, "Mommy, I'm GOING to pee in about 10 seconds." Lol.

Ahhh, the joys... :)

Karen Hartzell, Graco said...

Our own 50 min commute to work/daycare became quite the adventure in those early weeks. I knew every facility along the route. Funny now but not so much when trying not to be late everyday. lol

Jen said...

I love your mug w/the mommy moments (and all your great "mommy moments" too). Was wondering if you would give me permission to use it for our MOPS newsletter? If not, I understand, just thought I'd ask! You can email me at And I have a Maddi, too, although we mainly call her Madalyn. :)