Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Paper Doll Fun

EDIT: The how to! For the clothing I grabbed my box of paper scrap and set to work. I printed two copies of the doll, one good copy and one for me to cut out as a pattern. Silly me had a duh moment right from the start, the doll is NOT symmetrical and therefore when you trace the body trace it backwards! That way when you finish cutting out the clothing and flip it over (so there are no pencil lines) it actually fits! I sort of just guessed on the clothing, I traced the body shape and then added a little here and there to make it look like pants or a shirt. Hope this helps!

A loooonnnggggggg time ago I stumbled upon this blog post on dress-up paper dolls and printed out a copy of the doll. Then it sat in a folder on my counter for months, and months (and few more months). Well last Thursday I decided that it would be the perfect time to finish the project for Maddie because we were going to be visiting some friends that evening to play marbles. Well of course I did not finish the doll in time for that evening. Oddly enough I ran out of contact paper!
I finally finished up this week! I am a little disappointed though because I had high hopes that the doll would fit on Maddie's mini cookie sheet and then I could make all the clothes magnetic. Well as you can see that's a no go, our little naked friend is a little to big. Oh well.

When Maddie finally saw the completed set she was over joyed and spent the morning dressing her doll. Eventually I will add some hats and shoes but for now it is what it is!


Sherry said...

could you do a tutorial on how you made this? I would love to do it for my daughter, looks simple enough, but I would screw it up without step by step directions lol!!

Jennifer said...

Wow! That is SOOOO cute! I think mine might be too old for it, but maybe for my neice!