Thursday, August 20, 2009

Learn With Me

Well if you haven't noticed there hasn't been any jumping for joy posts about my potty trained child because....yup we aren't there yet. She promised us that she would be a big girl when she was 3 and that's when she would use the potty. No go. The big THREE rolled around and she decided she still wasn't a big girl. Oh well.

Due to the lack of underwear usage in our home a little goose can't go to preschool so I am trying to keep her along the preschool route at home. Right now I have three workbooks that I am in love with: Brain Quest Workbook Preschool, Sesame Street Ready Set Preschool! and Get Ready for Pre-K with PB&J. We are starting with the color section of the books to get Mad used to the concept and she loves school time. When hubby gets home from work Mad can't wait to show him her 'homework' that she did. Too cute!Since we have been doing colors for the past week or so I also incorporated some fun time with colored rice! She ended up spending 45 minutes at the kitchen with the bucket of rice before she got bored, score!I also threw together a simple color matching activity with clothes pins. We have never really worked with clothes pins before so this was new for Mad and she had a great time.

We will probably do another week of fun color activities to go along with the workbook pages before we move on and next up may be the ABC's.


Michelle said...

Emily loves her rice bucket. I was amazed at how long she would play with it all by herself too. We add different "tools" to ours, like a funnel, spoons, cups, buckets. We also did a letter hunt. I put our magnetic letters at the bottom and she loved finding them, scooping them out and putting them in her bucket! You do so many fun things with Maddie she is going to learn so much and I'm sure she is going to enjoy being home with you. We are still trying to potty train Emily she just turned 2 1/2 and she is so not interested. It is so difficult to be patient...but I know I can't push her. I'm sure your little one will get it soon!

KJ said...

Love the colored rice bucket too! As far as potty training, we are celebrating our 3rd day in underwear at our house! My son is turning 3 in 9 days! lol We sat down and talked to him on Sunday and said no more pooping in your diaper. You are big enough to do it in the potty and we are going to help you remember. If you poo poo in your diaper again we are going to take away your lions (he has a about 10 stuffed or plastic lions he's crazy about) until you can remember. He said he understood and didn't act like he was very upset by it---just a matter of fact. The next day I reminded him of it and he said "ok". He hasn't pooped in his diaper since! And in fact the next day he refused to put on a pull up "because it's a diaper, I want my big boy underwear!" I'm soooooooo glad thats over with, and quickly too! You may not agree with forcing the issue, but it worked for us and he didn't act like it was a big deal at all. It was just the right motivator!! Good luck and I hope it goes quickly!