Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I lied.

Our typical morning routine was underway and Mad asked to be changed. As usual I asked her to grab a diaper from the bin in the living room but low and behold it was empty. As I ventured to the closet for more I decided in a flash I would lie.

That's right, that awful naughty thing.

I told Maddie we were all out of diapers. "Oops! Mad, so sorry but we are all out! I guess we can try a day in those big girl undies. What do you say?"

"Oh mom!!! I guess. Can I wear princess underwears?"

"Of course baby girl, oops! I mean super-big-underwear-wearing girl!"

Of course at this point she is looking at me like I am a loon. Off to the bathroom we go which has been set up and ready for kiddy pottying for months. We grab some princess undies and I suggest that she hop on the potty for just a bit while I run upstairs and grab a towel for accidents. Off I go. As I come back down she is shouting from the potty.

"Mommy! I dropped a little poopy in the potty, come see! Oh! I dropped more little poopies!"

That's right, minutes after my split second decision to lie to my child we have an inkling of success. So far the morning has been a success with no accidents. I have set the timer for anywhere from 25-40 minutes depending on her eating and drinking and when it goes off she happily jumps on the potty.

We printed out a new princess potty chart that she has been adding stickers to all morning and I am resisting doing a happy dance, I don't want to jinx it just yet! We have until next Tuesday before we have to leave the house so until then we shall be a t-shirt and undies house; hopefully.


Georgine said...

Well, smart Mommies lie a bit, you know. So cool!!! Dresses are what I recommend. T-shirt-y ones. Then you don't have to carry extra pants/shorts. Extra dresses fold easily. Hey, maybe she won't have accidents. Think Positively!!!! Congratulations to you and Maddie!!!

Pink & Green Mama said...

Awesome! We're doing the same thing here but still using pull-ups for nap and an overnight diaper for bedtime. E has the same undies (I think they're adorable, she loves the rainbow edging!) The big dress or nightgown and undies or buns has been the outfit of choice around here : )

Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!! Girls are so much easier, she will get it. I agree with the dresses to start and nightgowns.