Thursday, August 6, 2009

Handmade Thank You

A month or so ago we did some ice cube painting on blank note cards as an afternoon project. At the time it happened to be the only white cardstock I had in the house but as an after thought I figured they would be perfect Thank You cards.

Boy was I right, I love how they came out! As an added bonus Maddie wrote 'Thank You' on a piece of paper that I scanned into the computer. Instead of asking her to write it over and over again I figured I could just print it out for each card!

Oh and if anyone is wondering from the ice cube painting project: yes the cube paints work very well on white stretched canvas!


Michelle said...

These are amazing!!!

Georgine said...

I needed a birthday card for Mike's Grandma, and didn't want to run out, so I took one of B's paintings, cropped it, stuck it to a card and Voila! A birthday card. Thanks for the inspiration.

Our Little Family said...

What a fabulous idea!! I've TOTALLY been putting off the thank you card writing thing because nothing had creatively struck me. Well, it has now! Ha! Thanks!!