Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Garden Friends

My back yard garden has been home to a family of chipmunks, a killer rat and now our latest visitor is what I believe is a mole!

We were watering the garden this evening and I spotted this cute little guy poking out of the rock wall.Right now he is just adorable and considerably better than the killer rat we had (yes I am considering a killer rat because it was HUGE and appeared for the first time at my daughter's birthday party last year!!!!). Though I could be posting in another week looking for remedies on how to get rid of him!


Pink & Green Mama said...

If he's not a mole he's a vole...I can't remember the difference. His identical twin is dead in my front yard right now from the next door neighbor's cat. That's my awesome clean up project tonight after the girls are in bed. : (

Pink & Green Mama said...

His little feet are so delicate he might actually be a shrew. They're harmless and only eat bugs. I think that's what I found in our yard today. I was looking at google images photos trying to identify our little guy....I could be totally wrong.

Jackie said...

He is definately NOT a mole. They are almost never seen above ground, and they absolutely ruin your yard. He is some sort of rodent. Hopefully the stay outside, don't eat the plants, leave the yard alone kind of rodent. They always look cute, but don't always act it.