Thursday, July 2, 2009

My day!

It's my birthday! he he he! Who doesn't wake up the morning of their birthday with a little giggle? It's my day and I can do what I want ~ and I don't have to cook dinner!

Maddie of course crawled in bed with us this morning and gave me big birthday hugs and kisses ~ the best! Then she dragged me downstairs to open my 'surprises' as she says.

Hubby did awesome this year! ♥ I got this summer cool collapsible picnic basket and a beautiful bracelet from Etsy!

I am so excited for our parade picnic this Sunday, I can't wait to use my new basket! I love that it collapses AND it's insulated and will keep everything nice and cold! Now I just have to go on the hunt for the perfect picnic blanket...and I suppose it would help if it would STOP raining!

And the bracelet is just perfect ♥ Hubby was so worried that it wouldn't arrive in time but low and behold there was a package in the mail yesterday and I could see the relief on his face! Too cute! I love the dainty little flowers with the b and m ~ for Brandon and Maddie my two loves! ♥

Sadly my darling had to head to work this morning but he did make me a cup of coffee this morning and promised to be home early. And my big birthday wish for this afternoon? A trip to the library! I am so easy to please! Hubby said we can go wherever I want for dinner tonight too! Then we have to make the red velvet cheesecake for tomorrow, I will be sure to post pictures and the recipe this weekend!

Check out how well Maddie wrote 'Mommy' on the envelope! I am so proud of her!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your day...I love the necklace by the way...he did a great job picking it out :0)

Georgine said...

Happy Birthday to You! ( I am singing as I write) Hope your day is perfect. Ooohhh and I love the picnic tote!!!! Good Job Hubby!

K said...

1. Have a VERY Happy Birthday!
2. I have been longingly watching that same basket at my local Target. It will be so cute to take to a picnic (I was thinking library too to carry my books, or even on a quick trip to the grocery).
3. LOVE the bracelet. What a thoughtful gift!
4. Wow! Your daughter did a great job of writing for her age! I am sure you are so proud of her!

BranFlakes said...

Have a Happy Birthday!!

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

happy birthday! :)

Stacy said...

Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed your day!

Rosie said...

Oh I'm a day late, but Happy belated Birthday! Tomorrow is my birthday (July 4th). We're headed to the beach today and then fireworks tonight. Tomorrow we're having a picnic. Sounds like you had a great day!

Pink & Green Mama said...

Happy Birthday! Your hubby did a great job and Maddie did a fantastic job with your name!! -- Impressive!! : )

Christy said...

Happy Belated Birthday. That is so sweet. I love your gifts!