Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July, ugh.

It's only July 1st and I am already stressed!

July tends to be our busiest month besides December every year. Besides being the middle of the summer and filled with picnics and parades we also will be celebrating birthday's galore! Mine happens to be tomorrow =) and Maddie's follows at the end of the month along with a few relatives thrown in between.

Usually I am so on top of my game when it comes to party planning but I sort of let it escape me this year and now I am major party planning mode. I spent ALLLLLLL day shopping today and am pleased to say that I have most of the things I need for Mad's party.

Her birthday is on a Monday and we will be celebrating with her big party the weekend after so hubby and I decided we would have a mini party on her actual birthday at home. She chose a princess theme for her small party and we are doing a big ice cream social for her family party.

I managed to pick up plates, bowls, napkins, tablecloth, birthday banner and ice cream toppings today for the ice cream social. Then she picked out some princess plates and goblets for her little party. She is totally obsessed with balloons so I also order a ton of balloons to tie to her bed the night before her birthday while she is sleeping! She will be so surprised in the morning!

Yippee I also managed to package up the Super Summer Swap box today too, hopefully I will get it in the mail within the next few days so it will be one less thing to stress about.

Next up is just getting through this weekend. We have a mini birthday celebration for me tomorrow evening and then again with some family on Friday. Saturday we have a 4th of July party and my grandmother's and then Sunday we have the town 4th of July parade. Somewhere in between there I need to bake 2-3 strawberry rhubarb cakes ~ my dad picked all of the rhubarb in his garden and gave it to me to make cakes! I have to help hubby make a red velvet cheesecake for me ~ he always makes a regular red velvet cake for me but this year we are getting adventurous with a cheesecake! And I need to pack a gourmet picnic (cause that's how I roll, haha) for the parade on Sunday. The best part though......after tonight I have THREE, count them three! full nights of not having to cook dinner.

Big smiles for that one!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend and I am sure I will jump on here sometime between now and then!


Georgine said...

ISn't it crazy how everything happens at the same time? We'll have a couple of weekends of nothing to do, then 2 weekends in a row that are jam packed! It almost isn't fair. I hope you have a good birthday!

Stacy said...

Ha ha ha! I had to laugh, because I've been feeling the same way today! Bekah's birthday is this Friday, but her party is on Saturday. We are also having a smaller party on Friday, but it's still 2 parties on top of one another. It's exhausting! Glad I'm not alone on this one!

Heidi said...

Happy birthday Amanda!!! Can I just say that I am soooooo impressed and amazed that your swap box is ready to go! I've barely started working on the stuff to fill our boxes up. *soooo jealous* :)

Amanda said...

Oh Heidi don't be jealous! It's the only thing I do have done! haha I was so excited about it that I started working on it last month!

Laura said...

Hi. I'm not sure if I'm posted a comment before but I've been following your blog for awhile now. Anyway, July is crazy around our house too. Both of my girls have birthday in July (a week apart) so I'm always busy planning a party. My youngest, Cara, who will be 3 is also balloon crazy so we are planning to do a similar surprise with balloons and are doing a balloon or polka dot themed party. I just love your idea for an ice cream social. I know that would go over well here! I hope you manage to stay sane this month and enjoy your birthday & Maddie's! Happy Birthday!

Christy said...

The whole summer is crazy for us, but it sounds like you really have it under control.