Monday, June 15, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday!

Muffin Tin Monday doesn't seem to pop into my mind until 10:00pm Sunday night, which really isn't the best time to be thinking about it. I am overly organized with everything else but Muffin Tin Monday tends to harbor at the back of my mind until the last minute. Thank goodness today was a no theme day so I was able to whip something up with a few odds and ends.

Maddie asked me today if she could make Milo a muffin tin too. She found a muffin tin in her play kitchen and set to work filling it for him. Unfortunately Maddie was at a loss after filling it with puppy food so I had to help out a bit or Milo would have been eating yogurt with sprinkles.

Top: puppy food, chicken Carver, water
Bottom: puppy food, diced carrots (his favorite), water

He seemed to enjoy the Carver the best!

And here is Maddie's muffin tin:

Top: Crackers with diced string cheese, strawberry yogurt with pink sprinkles, frozen blueberries
Bottom: Celery with ranch dressing, leftover chili from last nights dinner, cornbread

Maddie said her favorite today was the frozen blueberries!


Michelle Sybert said...

oh my goodness! I think you just topped everyone with a muffin tin meal for the dog! so cute!!

and maddie look's yummy too!

Georgine said...

Your blog looks good. I love the flowers in the header. Are they from your garden? I love that Maddie made the Milo a muffin tin. That is so cool.

You are lucky Maddie eats so well. B would eat the frozen blueberries - also her favorite - and that's it. Oh, but the cornbread looks good!

Amanda said...

Georgine- yup! They are flowers in my garden! As for Maddie eating's hit or miss but she LOVES fruits and veggies so that's always good!

Holly Noelle said...

I looooove that you did one for your dog! Awesome!

BranFlakes said...

hahaha! When I first looked at the top picture without reading, I thought What is That?!! I LOVE that she made one for the dog!