Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Counting cards

...and beads.

The sun isn't exactly shining but it's not raining either so we headed to the backyard this afternoon. I brought along a tray with cards and beads to try a little counting activity. It went so-so. The premise was good but Maddie has a very small attention span when it comes to learning numbers and letters. She can easily count to 10 by reciting the numbers but when it comes actually counting objects things tend to go awry.

I will admit things got cut short because I was starting to lose my patience with her. eek. I know.

Materials: 1 deck of cards - numbers only, something to count - we used beads

We took turns flipping the cards and counting out the appropriate number of beads. It went okay for a little while but any number over 4 didn't go so swell. She would randomly guess the number and would just recite 1 through 10 without counting anything in particular.

I am hoping to try this activity again in a few days and maybe it will go a little better then.

On another note, Maddie refuses to wear anything but her princess dress. I told her it needs to go through the wash and she replied that it wasn't dirty...which is sort of true. Surprisingly she has yet to spill anything on it. Oh well...

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Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

great counting cards!!! :)

I was making a post of neat ideas on the net and i'd like to linky to this if it's alright with you?

i love it we went through something similar and it lasted 4 days!