Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mommy Day!

The clouds have parted and the sun has FINALLY made an appearance! What beautiful weather we had today for Mother's Day! We spent the day out an about...after hubby made me a ham and cheese omelet with coffee and juice this morning, yummy :)

We headed over to my dad's house first this morning for our usual Sunday visit. It is so nice to hear Maddie saying 'grandma' and 'grandpa,' I know it makes their day when they hear it too. Last week my dad handed me a box of school work from when I was younger and buried in the box was a Mother's Day card I made for my mom in 1st grade!

My mom is Kathy. I love my mom. My mom has black curly hair. My mom has brown eyes. My mom is medium tall. My mom's favorite food is ice cream. My mom's favorite color is purple. My mom's favorite show is General Hospital. My mom is a secretary. My mom smiles when she is happy. My mom grins (?) when she is mad. My mom cries when she is sad. I love my mom.

After our visit at dad's we headed to my mom's for our Mother's Day/ Happy Birthday luncheon. I made my mom's favorite banana split cake but forgot the bananas!!! Oops! Thank goodness it has banana pudding so all was well!

Yes I wrote Happy Birthday in walnuts, how cheesy I know! :)

Lunch with grandma and mom was great and as usual my mom out did herself on lunch. Thanks mom! It was super yummy!

Here is grandma showing off all of the Mother's Day plants!

This is the cupcake planter I made for my mom's birthday! I made one for myself too, they are just too cute! You can find the how-to tutorial at WhiMSy love!

Unfortunately we forgot to take the 'generations' picture until after grandma left. We did still manage to get one of my mom, Maddie and I.


Before we left Maddie had to leave Poppy a little surprise in his bathroom, what a silly girl!

And this is how I am going to finish up my Mother's Day! Isn't the bamboo bath caddy too cool? I can prop up my book, a nice candle and a glass of wine! Thanks Maddie and Daddy!

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