Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Free Grilled KFC Chicken

I don't watch Oprah (frankly I don't get to watch anything during the day!) but word on the web this morning is that she is giving away FREE Chicken!

Here is the link for Two Free Pieces of Grilled Chicken, Two Free Sides and One Free Biscuit from KFC.

Even better than FREE chicken is LOTS of FREE chicken! You can print up to four coupons! From my understanding you can use them all at once too, you just need to make sure you have one for each person purchasing a meal.

My three coupons have been printed and I think we are trying the new Grilled KFC Chicken for dinner tonight.

Take note though!!!! You MUST print the coupons out by 11:59pm CDT May 6, 2009 (tonight!)

You do have to download a coupon printer application to your computer before printing the coupons (which you will be directed to by the link). Generally I have a lot of problems downloading this applications because my hubby has a TON of safeguards on the computer but I had no problems this morning!

1 comment:

Kim said...

We just got our free meals!!! So awesome, it sounds to good to actually work, but I was happy it did!