Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a week!

With the holiday quickly approaching we were rather busy this week and I never had a chance to sneak on here! So here is a little run down of the week:

Super Special Lunch
All the Spring/Easter lunches on Muffin Tin Monday inspired me to get a bit more creative for Tuesday's lunch!

Edible markers are the best!

Craft Time With Mad

We made some tissue paper Easter eggs similar to the ones made at Just For Fun.

We had a veggie day too! We made the tissue paper carrot featured on No Time For Flash Cards.

Maddie of course had to take a bite!

We also had some fun with celery.

We stamped it!

We dyed it blue!

And we ate it!

Spring Days

We even had a few nice days scattered among our very rainy week! I am thrilled at how big my bleeding hearts are getting already!

Last Sunday I planted a bunch of lilies that my mom gave me. Then I realized they were daylilies and they needed to be moved, ugh!

So they went from here (don't you love my drawing skills!)

To here!

Time For Easter!

We had fun coloring Easter eggs Thursday night.

Maddie only ended up a little messy!

I picked up this really cute bunny stamp a few years ago when we were living in Washington and I thought it would look so cute on a cake!

So today I spent the morning baking a birthday/Easter cake. Who doesn't like a cute little bunny bottom?

I just finished playing Easter bunny and now it's time to relax before a very hectic day tomorrow!


Momma Snail said...

Beautiful pictures! You have some mad, crazy muffin tin monday skills! I am super envious! I *have* to find me some edible markers!

Laura said...

I found a link to your blog from CafeMom. You have some great craft ideas that I hope to use soon! Wish I would've stumbled upon your blog BEFORE Easter, haha.