Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby Blue Bird

Maddie has been a little obsessed with birds lately; most likely since we hear them so very early in the morning every day! These are the little blue birds we made yesterday. Maddie did really good following my lead and needed no help at all, yeah Mad!

Materials: blue and white washable paint, cardstock, orange construction paper, googly eyes

We used two fingers to make the tail feathers.

Four fingers for the wings.

Our palms for the bird bodies and added the headed with our fingers!

Maddie was pretty surprised (me too!) that these actually looked like birds!

And Maddie says, "Aww how cute!"


Toni said...

how cute these are and so bright and springy too. YOu could make a whole flock of birds:-) She did a great job what kid wouldn;t like painting wiht their hands and fingers:-)

sandy said...


Georgine said...

Amanda, Thank you so much for the cake bite help. I just bought some shortening and more candy melts. By the way, I want to try making the blue bird with my daughter. So cute.

Thanks again,