Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Save The Lions

This morning Maddie and I took our Earth Walk early (we are due for MORE rain this afternoon) and spent our time picking up trash and talking about keeping the earth clean for the animals. Maddie said we have to pick up trash to 'save the lions!' I don't think we have any lions roaming around in Southeastern Connecticut but if we do and they stumble upon our street it happens to be a nice clean place to take a nap today!

Maddie was more enthusiastic about picking up trash than I imagined, she was even perfectly fine walking past the playground without an inkling of a whine!

When we got home we spent a little time admiring the beautiful flowers that have bloomed in our yard. Even though we have been stuck inside the last few days the rain has done wonderful things for my gardens!

With all this rainy weather we were able to get a few Earth Week activities done earlier this week.

Michelle at Her Cup Overfloweth posted this awesome Keep Our Earth Sparkling craft that we made on recycled cardboard with daddy this past weekend.

We also made this cute coffee filter earth that I found at The Idea Box.


Letters,Numbers and Books said...

aww that is cute! mine is always saving tree frogs ( rainforest tree frogs) I'm like ok that is good (we live in the midwest and will never see one) but you save them!

Rosie said...

I love her coffee filter earth! My son made a coffee filter butterlfy at his kindergarten sign up a couple weeks ago. It's really cute and super easy! I could tell you how to make it and put a magnet on it for the fridge! Thanks for coming to my blog! I will enter you into the drawing!

Letters,Numbers and Books said...

I have a product review meme for you on my blog