Monday, April 27, 2009

I Heart New England Weather

Wow what a BEAUTIFUL weekend! It's crazy to think we had over a foot of snow just last month in the beginning of March...

And yesterday Maddie spent the day swimming in her little pool because it was 90 degrees outside!

That would be Maddie's fish face.

We were able to spend some quality time at the giant playground in our town with Nanny and Poppy on Saturday. Of course the playground was swarming in kiddos since this was the first really nice weekend this year! We had a chance to bring Maddie's grandparents to our favorite ice cream spot too!

Then Sunday was spent in our tiny little (military housing, boo) backyard. I love that I can sit at our little bistro table with the Sunday paper and the laptop while Maddie and Milo can play. We had some friends over for a nice little cookout and I only ended up slightly red from the sun!

Ice coffee, Sunday newspaper and laptop. What else do I need?

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend too!


Lori said...

cool marker for the food! i was puzzled for a bit! i just love the mermaid theme!

Georgine said...

Every day I look forward to coffee, but it tastes even better when I enjoy it with the Sunday paper. Especially since Sunday is the only day I get a paper. I cannot believe your weather was that warm. Wow! Still, nice to be outside without a snow suit. Yeah!