Monday, March 23, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday!

It's RAINBOW Day for Muffin Tin Monday! Maddie loved picking out all different colored fruits and veggies at the salad bar this weekend and this is what she decided on:

Top: watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe skewers, broccoli and ranch dip, cherry tomatoes and ranch dip
Bottom: Blackberry Harvest yogurt with sprinkles, Peach Medley applesauce and M&Ms

Her favorite is the fruit usual!

Rainbow Collage:

We also did a rainbow collage this morning for our project of the day. Last night Maddie and I sorted out all sorts of different scraps and bits of things into applesauce cups. She had a great time digging through all of my craft stuff.

Then this morning I gave her a piece of poster board and some glue. She took care of the rest!

She was so proud of the finished product and wanted to know where we were going to hang it!


Michelle Sybert said...

She did a fantastic job, couldn't have done it better myself! And I LOVE that rainbow collage idea!

sandy said...

Looks delicious! The rainbow collage is fantastic:0)

~Bobbi~ said...

I thought the poster board was art canvas! That is so perfect to put up in the home. Beautiful!

Dee Light said...

What a yummy rainbow. I just love the rainbow art too. Great stuff!