Monday, March 23, 2009

The Library Corner

Maddie LOVES (I can't emphasize this enough!) to go to the library. She asks me daily when we will be going again. She is an only child (obviously) so we try to get to the library at least once a week so she can 'make friends' as she says.

Our library is awesome, especially the children's department. Maddie's first stop is the customary greeting to the friendly library giraffe named Stretch. Then on to this great little corner filled with puzzles, stuffed animals, board books and fake food that Maddie flocks to the minute we get there. There is also a table set up with a giant wooden dollhouse and all the needed pieces, which just happens to be placed right in front of the coziest couch ever!

So once a week we bring in our giant canvas bag and unload our books and then hunt for a weeks worth of new ones. I get to browse the Children's Department while Maddie plays with all of her little friends. Lately Maddie has joined in on picking out her books for the week. Then I get to cozy up on that wonderful couch with my pick for the week.

I love watching Maddie interact with all the other children at the library and she just amazes me every time we visit. Sometimes I worry about her social interaction because she is an only child but then I see her with her 'friends' and my heart is put at ease because I get to see my beautiful baby girl playing so nicely with all of these children.

I suppose I could get a bit more on track with this post now! I figured I would post our latest library favorites once in a while. Here are out current favorite finds:

Farm Flu
By: Teresa Bateman
Maddie was in non-stop giggles during this pick. Really what could be funnier and a cow sneezing?

Second Thyme Around
By: Katie Fforde
I loved this book, it was just adorable! Personally I love British Chick Lit books. I love quick and easy reading, especially after a long stressful day with my darling two year old. Katie Fforde provided everything I love in my books; romance, comedy and this time a little cooking!

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