Friday, February 27, 2009

Bubble Gum Numbers and Colors

During our week of Valentine's we made a magnetic seascape on the fridge for Maddie and she loved it so much I wanted to do something similar for our next unit. Being inspired by an episode of Ace of Cakes I decide to make a gumball machine! We will be working on colors and numbers for the next few weeks so I am hoping Maddie can get some good use out or new magnets.

Here is the completed set with a gumball machine and five gumballs for each color. I will bring out a different color every week or so. Then we can have a whole week of counting and doing fun things with that color.

Maddie had lots of fun helping me get all the pieces made so I hope this help reinforce our colors and numbers, and even if it doesn't it still looks cute!


Michelle said...

What a great idea!!!

BranFlakes said...

I love that gumball machine! I really like how you make magnet art/learning on your fridge, I'm gonna have to try it out!

Clemencia said...

thanks for the idea! great way to practice numbers :)

Michelle Sybert said...

Seriously? This is sooooo cute! I want one! I want one!