Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

I have to say I am SOOOO excited that Valentine's Day is on Saturday this year. Hubby and I will be celebrating in March so February 14th with be all about Maddie. She has already request strawberry pancakes for breakfast (I will post the recipe sometime next week).

I was browsing the internet and saw an idea about doing a scavenger hunt for Valentine's Day and started brainstorming. Maddie is still little so I did not want to do anything to complicated so this is what I came up with.

Scavenger Hunt Items: heart stickers ($1), heart necklace ($1), heart socks ($1), heart filled with M&Ms ($1), I Spy Valentine's Day book ($5), Crayola crayons ($15). I generally don't spend that much for Valentine's Day but hubby and I were planning on getting Maddie the crayons anyways so we decided to include them in the scavenger hunt.

I labeled each item with a heart that I cut out of a sheet of foam. I used a heart cookie cutter and pressed it into the foam so I could make the hearts relatively the same size. All the hearts were attached with some pink curly ribbon.

We buy Maddie a book for every holiday and opted for an I Spy book this year.

I kept the clues simple so Maddie wouldn't have any problems finding her hidden treasures. So after breakfast we will give Maddie the little gift bag with the clues in it and the hunt will begin!

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