Friday, January 30, 2009

M is for Mountain

Today was a very busy morning so we kept our craft nice and simple. Grocery shopping day always takes a lot out of us so any activity we do on that day is easy and quick! Our letter of the day was M as in Maddie, Mommy, Milo, Milk, Muffin and Mountains! We worked on finding things that started with M at the grocery store to help reinforce our letter of the day.

M is for Mountain

Materials: Green cardstock M, various green crayons, glue stick, white glitter, white cardstock, 2 cottonballs, green construction paper, blue cardstock, two sided tape.

Maddie adding the cotton balls to the cloud. She loved pulling the cotton balls apart but was not thrilled that her fingers got sticky from the glue.

Two sided tape is my new best friend! No mess is a wonderful thing!

And we have a Mountain!

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