Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Alphabet Day

Today we worked on the letter L! L is for lion, ladybug, leaf, lunch, lunge, library and of course there is an L is Milo!

Here is our L is for Lion project:
Our Lion materials were: brown cardstock, brown, yellow and orange construction paper, googly eyes (of course!) and today we used two sided tape because I really wasn't in the mood for glue this morning.

We also made thumbprint Ladybugs on a Leaf. Quick and easy! I cut out a leaf and Maddie went wild with the red paint. After it dried we used a black marker to fill in the rest.

Today we also took a quick trip to the Library to make 'friends' according to Maddie. She is absolutely obsessed with the dollhouse they have there.

No special L at Lunch today, other than it being Lunch of course.

Quick side track- did you know they now sell cupcakes at Starbucks? Who knew. We shall see how yummy they are after dinner tonight. We picked up 2 red velvet (my favorite!) 1 chocolate and 1 vanilla bean. Maddie has been asking for a 'cake surprise' since we picked them up this morning.

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