Thursday, January 29, 2009

CafeMom Craft

Toilet Paper Tube Maracas

So I am part of a group on for mom's of little ones born in July of 2006, right where Maddie fits in, and as of today the group owner started a craft of the week. Today's craft was Toilet Paper Tube Maracas and Maddie had a ball!

Materials: wax paper, construction paper, 2 toilet paper tubes, crayons, stickers, packing tape, two sided tape, scissors, dry pasta and tongs

Time to color! What a goofy girl.

The tubes covered with wax paper and packing tape on the bottom. The wax paper keeps the pasta/rice/beans from sticking to the tape on the inside. Definitely reinforce with packing tape though; vigorous shaking will send pasta sailing through your house without it.

Time to measure that beautifully decorated construction paper!

I broke out the tongs for this part of the craft. I thought this was a great opportunity for Maddie to practice using tongs to pick things up. I must say she did really great considering how small the pasta was.

Time to tape it up. I added a strip of two sided tape to both ends of the construction paper and then Maddie rolled it up.

And of course the finishing touch is stickers! No project is complete without stickers according to Maddie.


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Anonymous said...

I love her face in the first picture! So freaking cute!