Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Craftin'

A few weeks ago I saw this fantastic melted bead bowl on Pinterest. Of course I didn't actually PIN it so now I can't find it BUT it was super cool and I knew Maddie would love to make one. Or two. So we did.

We have had a bin of perler beads sitting in the closet never getting used because they require way too much patience which Madison does not possess so this was a nice way to use them up and still end up with something cool and functional.

All you need to make the bowls are beads, an oven proof bowl and cooking spray. Oh and an oven. Obviously. While your oven is preheating to 350ish spray the your oven proof bowl with cooking spray and dump in a bunch of beads. Easy.

Next give your kid the bowl to roll around and smoosh the beads up the sides of the bowl. The cooking spray serves two purposes- #1 the bowl won't stick (although I really don't think it actually would) and #2 it works as a sort of glue to help the beads stick on the sides of the bowl. Magic. The beads will only melt and drip slightly so where ever you put the beads they will pretty much stay so we went about halfway up our bowls with beads. 

If we had more beads we probably would have tried to make single color or only used two or three color beads for each bowl but we went with a rainbow look instead which makes them the perfect bowl for crayons!

Instead of pulling out our entire crayon collection every afternoon for the baby to throw all over the room kids to color we toss a few crayons in the bowls instead. Perfect!

I am thinking that Maddie and I may be making another bowl for her teacher this fall. Hmmm maybe filled with a few school supplies? Boxes of crayons? Wrapped up in some cellophane? The wheels are turning! hmmmm....


Morgan said...

I have never heard of perler beads but this is the kind of craft I like....SIMPLE! I'll be on the lookout for those beads. And thanks for the tut'!

Daydreaming Realist said...

That crayon bowl is SO cute!! What a great idea for those beads! I found your blog randomly & I'm your new friend on GFC & Twitter. Looking forward to reading more of your blog! :)
Daydreaming Realist

Daydreaming Realist said...

btw, I pinned this post, too :) I really like it & I'm def going to try this out w/my little guy :)