Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Week in iPhone Photos {Week 7}

Sunday: Its a horrible blurry picture BUT the sweater Z is wearing was made by my great grandmother years ago. My girls will never meet her but a little piece of her lives on.
Monday: I wrote 14 days of love notes for Madison and my hubs. I am corny like that.
Sisterly love.
Tuesday: We are officially having no more children.
Wednesday: Daddy was layed up in pain, Maddie was puking so we escaped to the grocery store.
We obviously missed a lot while we were gone.
It eventually hit 75 that day. On FEBRUARY FIRST. I miss winter.
It was delicious.
Crostini topped with pesto, rotisserie chicken, mozzarella and brushetta. Chick food at its best.
Solo baby in the tub.
Thursday: 9am and already in need of a nap.

Her toys are too boring, enter in Ikea plates.
We ate a lot of finger foods for dinner this week. Baked southwestern egg rolls were a win.
Friday: Breakfast. And its pink. I like.
Walking to school
We ended a rough week on a good note.
Saturday: Breakfast with the family.
Freshly waxed eyebrows. Swollen.
Baby likes Chick-fil-A fruit cups
My weekends are incomplete without a trip to Target.
There is an over abundance of frozen yogurt bars here. I don't mind.

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