Saturday, January 21, 2012


Did you know you can make homemade bagels and they are actually easy to make and even better they actually taste good?!?!

I am genreally pretty crappy at anything that requires bread dough, me and yeast do not get along. I was hesitant to make bagels but they looked so easy to make. So I did. And they are delicious!

I found a recipe floating around Pinterest this week from an actual bagel maker and he made it look too easy to not try. So of course I ran out and bought a giant bag of bread flour. I am compulsive. 

You can find the recipe and a handy video on rolling bagels HERE but all you need is 6 ingredients: bread flour, yeast, sugar, salt, oil and water. The recipe calls for vegetable oil but all I had at the time was peanut or olive- I went with peanut and they are still delicious!

FYI these photos are craptastic since my good camera battery died last night while taking pictures of Z splashing in the tub. I forgot to charge it last night. Oops. iPhone pictures to the rescue!
 I suppose the most time consuming part was kneading the dough but that only took 10 minutes so really not a big deal at all!

 Then you roll cute little bagel snakes and loop them around your hand.

 Bagels! Not perfect looking bagels but handmade and not from the factory bagel. 

 While my water came to a boil I chopped up some onions and dumped sesame seeds onto a plate. I have a container of caraway seeds but have no clue what they even are... Hmm... good on a bagel? Not sure.

The bagels boil for 2 minutes. EASY!

I quickly drained them on a dish towel.

 Next the toppings!

 Topped and ready for the oven.

 After the first 10 minutes.

 Flipped, ohhh pretty!

 Ten minutes later my house is like a New York bagel shop!

 I made these!!!


Now go! Go make bagels! Enjoy your carb filled stupor!


Sandy said...

They look great! I use my bread machine to do the kneading for me, it makes it even easier. :)

Christy said...

Oh yum! I want one now!

Michelle said...

I will have to try making these, I never even thought about making my own bagels before!! This would have been the perfect recipe for when I was pregnant with Juliette and all I wanted to eat for 3 months straight were bagels :)

Heidi @ Mom's Crafty Space said...

I totally saw that pin and have been wanting to make these too! They look AMAZING (and your "I made these!" face is too adorable lol)! I think I've been inspired to try these tomorrow!