Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Family Fun Day

We brought the girls to Busch Gardens Williamsburg this weekend with our free passes from Here's to the Heroes* and had a fantastic time. Maddie has officially hit the age where she can go on MOST of the rides in the park. By far the Sesame Street roller coaster is her favorite but I was thrilled to be able to bring her on the big kid swings with me! We had so much fun this weekend we are seriously considering season passes for next year. Yiipeee!

Sleeping baby sleeps. A lot.

Maddie and daddy are in the second car but of course when I went on with her we had to wait foooorrrreeeeevvvveeeerr for her to go in the first one. Gah.

Quite possibly the lamest kiddo ride ever but she just HAD to go on it. And her sunglasses are crooked.

Big kid ride all by herself!

Oh look! Sleeping baby isn't sleeping!

Up, up and away! Maddie got a little ticked off that the kid behind her didn't work the joystick right so they didn't go super high. Whatevs.

I shall backtrack and say this was by far the lamest kiddo ride ever. It barely even moved! I walk faster than it went around!

Aww the hubs was snapping pics of himself while Maddie and I were on the swings.

And there we are! Maddie screeched the entire time but said she LOVED it!

The cards were dealt in her favor and she managed to get on the one and only pink horse.

Oh look Zoey went on too!

*If you are a military family and haven't heard of Here's To the Heroes I HIGHLY suggest you visit their website. Every year you can get 4 FREE tickets to either Busch Gardens, Water Country, Sea World or Sesame Place. We have used our tickets 3 years for Busch Gardens and once for Sesame Place!

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