Monday, September 5, 2011

School Days

My sweet Maddie goes to school tomorrow. 
Kindergarten T.O.M.O.R.R.O.W.

I may start weeping. 
Or checking for gray hairs. 
Or wrinkles.

I am getting old because I have a baby going to kindergarten!
I digress.
Last week we went into full on getting ready for school prep.
As an added bit of fun (you know on top of getting up and dressed way too early for my taste) I had a small activity planned for Maddie each day.

 Did you know kindergartner's have homework? Yeah they do. 

So to make things easier on me at the end of the day Maddie and I made a little homework caddy stuffed with pencils, crayons, scissors, glue sticks, markers and a kitchen timer. All the important things to get homework done without chasing supplies down.

I was super excited to find Maddie an adorable Jessie lunch box (with matching backpack of course) at the Disney store and couldn't wait to show her!

We have spent the past two weeks practicing opening and closing different types of containers and talking about good lunch ideas. I am pleased to say Maddie has said PLEASE pack tomatoes and carrots and grapes and apples and a bazillion other fruits and veggies. Yeah for no yucky chicken patties at school!

Maddie raced to get dressed Wednesday morning but I was too lazy to get out of bed and actually time her. Unfortunately (for me) she is super fast and it took less than a minute to whip off her pjs and toss on school clothes. Gah. She is such a morning person.

Maddie is notorious for interesting outfits and most of the time I don't care what she wears but her teacher may not agree so much with pajamas all day every day....

Instead of arguing in the morning we have started stuffing a sweater organizer together with matching, school appropriate outfits. It seems to be working well so far!

We finished up the week with an adorable craft.

I found the apple box idea at No Time For Flash Cards and Maddie was able to do most of it all on her own.

We are enjoying one last day of fun at the Children's Museum and then tomorrow my baby goes to school. ...Tears...


catalog printing said...

Sure that was a fun activity with your kids, its a great bonding time before she go to school, a time well spent. Oh, you sounds really funny about you talking about you getting old. No worries, sure that doesn't show. (:

Michelle said...

This is a wonderful idea...I will be borrowing it next year when Emily starts kindergarten.