Thursday, September 22, 2011

ChChCh Changes & Champion

 There have been some changes in this house lately. Well besides the new (yes she is still NEW) baby and Maddie starting school I have started exercising. Gah! 

I hate it and love it. I hate sweating but I love the energy I have for the rest of the day. I hate that my bum jiggles when I jog but I love that if I continue jogging it won't jiggle anymore (fingers crossed for that one!). I love that I have OLD jeans that are fitting but I hate sweating (have I mentioned that?).

I was already walking Maddie to school every morning so I decided to take the long way home. I am starting at 2 miles. I walk most of it but do run some of it. Baby steps right? Within a week I had ordered new sneakers and traded in our stroller for an all terrain jogging stroller.

I have started exercise plans before but never really stuck to them. I am hoping this one sticks and I think it will, mostly because I HAVE to walk Maddie to school every day! haha

What perfect timing too for Champion to contact me. Did you know they have a new line of eco friendly sweats? Awesome right? Champion says they are 'super soft and future friendly!' I have to agree! I received the Full Zip Hoodie in Samba pink and the Open Hem Sweatpants in Oxford Grey to review.

Well the weather has finally cooled down enough for me to actually try out the new sweats. I have to agree that they are both super soft. The pink color for the sweatshirt is incredibly bright which I DO like. The new line by Champion is made with up to 5% recycled fibers- every little bit helps right? One thing to note though if you do order from Champions new eco line I would suggest ordering up a size in the sweatshirts, they seem to run a bit small.

You can find the Champion website HERE and find them on Twitter HERE
A big thank you to Champion for dressing me nicely for my morning workouts! Thanks!

Disclaimer: Champion sent me products free of charge to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Rosie said...

I just had my 5th baby in August, she is 5 weeks old tomorrow! I'm just now getting into "exercise" mode! I walk the kids to their bus stop every day. Granted it's just up the street which is such a short distance you can see it from our house, but I do it 3 times a day! Twice in the morning and once in the afternoon. My oldest goes to school an hour before the boys and she's only 10 so I don't want her waiting at the bus stop alone. Then I walk the boys up, in the afternoon my daughter walks home and then I walk back to the bus stop an hour after that to get the boys. We live on a dead end street so now that the weather is getting cooler I'll be walking to the end and back a few times each day. And my mom bought a Bowflex Treadclimber and since she lives with us, I get the advantage of using it too! It's a treadmill/stepper/eliptical all in one, and when adjusted for my weight, it's awesome! And tonight I start bowling again after a 4 month sabbatical due to the pregnancy. Since having the baby I already weigh less than I did before I ever had kids way back when I was 18 (I'm 29 now), so I'd like to keep it that way. And also tighten my stomach muscles because I'm really squishy in that area. I'm really hoping to be able to stick to it! And I may get Zumba for the Nintendo Wii we have. We'll see about that though... Anyway, good luck! I know I need luck and lots of motivation!