Friday, August 26, 2011

To Evacuate or Not?

Hey have you seen the weather report lately? Not looking good for us here in Virginia- more importantly here in Hampton Roads Virginia. 

When we moved down south I clearly was not prepared. We had a crazy winter storm that the state was NOT prepared for. Our first week here the tornado sirens were going off and we have heard them multiple times in the past year. Flies. Have I mentioned the evil, nasty, never ending flies? Oh and the traffic?!?! Let's top all that off with an earthquake this past week and hurricane Irene barreling down on us tomorrow. Good times my friends, good times.

So we spent the day preparing. The backyard has been cleared and secured. We have water in stock. I bought a can or two of soup. Oh and some peanut butter M&Ms- PROTEIN! The plan is to NOT evacuate but certain parts of our town are under a mandatory evacuation. We are hoping to ride out the storm hunkered down in the house with two kids and a dog. And chocolate. And coffee. And wine. If the time comes and we do have to evacuate we are prepared for that too. 


And this is only the beginning of hurricane season?!?!

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Suzanne said...

Be safe guys! And if you DO need to get away from the coast I guarantee my folks would put you up. I can text you their address any time - they even have a nursery at their house for Z.