Thursday, August 4, 2011

Painting Outside. At first.

Maddie has been begging me to paint and the only thing going through my head is

"REALLY??? I had to change my clothes 4 times today because of baby spit up. PAINT??? GAH! What a mess. I have to cook dinner in an hour and that will be a mess to clean up. But I JUST picked up the house. I JUST finished 10 loads of laundry and you will end up making a MESS."

After a few days of begging I finally gave in this morning. 

Rule #1 Don't make a mess

Rule #1 Clean up any mess you make

Rule #1 We are painting OUTSIDE

Well at least that was the plan. I set up a giant piece of brown packing paper on our patio. I filled cups with paint. I found enough paint brushes. I got out baby wipes. We were set to go.

Maddie ventured outside to begin painting. 

I made a cup of coffee. Time to relocate Zoey outside (hello swing I heart you!). Bring coffee outside. Sit in chair. Be attacked by flies.

Once again can I say how much I detest Virginia. I need to move back north. I had no idea that flies would be such an issue here. There are swarms of them. Masses of them. It's disgusting. I had to hold my hand over my coffee cup the entire 10 minutes we were outside. I had to shoo flies (bwaha) off of Zoey the entire time. Maddie whined.

It was awesome.

Cut to 10 minutes later and as much as I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER MESS Maddie is in the kitchen painting. 

 Better yet, finger painting. 

Tis my life.


Deborah said...

Hahaha! I hate flies too! Way to give it a try:)

Senorita Tortuga said...

I found your blog through Teach Preschool on FB.
I live in VA Beach and the flies are RIDICULOUS here. They drive me bonkers!