Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sanity Saver

I knew that bringing a new baby home would be a challenge for me. Yup. I was right. BUT I planned ahead. I knew Maddie would not accept that mommy is drop dead tired and just nap with me all day so picked up a big sister gift for her before the arrival of our latest babe. 

I knew I wanted something cool. Something fun. Something quiet. Something that would suck up gobs of time without my direct supervision all the time. SCORE!

Meet my new life safer: B. Pop Arty Beads. These things ROCK.

 Sure they are a major choking hazard, but since the new babe doesn't do anything besides eat, poop, pee and sleep at the moment I think we are safe. For now. And for now is all that matters. Well for now.

If Maddie is getting a bit antsy from all the uhh... mommy needs to close her eyes quiet time I can mention the beads and she is more than happy to chill anywhere with them and create. I am in love with these little choking hazards!

I love that I can nap (?) while Maddie hangs out on my bed watching PBS and making necklaces. The weather is ridiculously hot right now in Virginia and these little pieces of plastic have saved my sanity.

Plus they are uber cute! No?


Christy said...

We have the original set of pop beads. I love them too!

I guess I will have an advantage when this baby is born because my three older children will be in school for a good part of the day.

Life With the Crazies said...

My daughter has this set too, and I LOVE THEM!! They are totally adorable, and she'll spend an hour making rings for every single finger in the house. Our babe is starting to crawl now, so they freak me out, but we still love them!