Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Party Mode

Once again Maddie's birthday is coming during a bit of a busy time but I refuse to screw up like I did last year and FORGET HER BIRTHDAY. {in my defense I did remember, eventually, but the movers were here on her actual birthday last year} So every night this week after Maddie goes to sleep and between Zoey's noshing sessions I have been trying to make party decorations on the down low. 

This year because we are so far from family and friends we are throwing Maddie a mini surprise party with her best friend here in Virginia and his family. I am going with a rainbow colored polka dot theme because lets be honest there are A TON of ideas on Pinterest for it!

So far I have managed to stitch up a ridiculous amount of garland,

make a cute banner with her name and the number 5,

make a quick and easy party favor,

prepare an activity for the kiddos,

and make what I think is one very cool table runner!

I still have quite a bit to do before the surprise party Saturday afternoon but I am sure I can get it taken care of. BWHAHAHA!

And for a little Zoey love today.....

Big sister Maddie giving Zoey a bottle of boob juice. Oh how I LOVE that Zoey will take a bottle with no problem! Nipple confusions appears to be non existent for this kid; boob, bottle, pacifier... she loves all! I have high hopes of stocking my freezer with milk and having a date night with my hubby in the near future!

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