Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our Week In Phone Photos- Maddie Edition

Stealing a great idea from my friend Suzanne- I passed my cell phone off to Maddie for the week and let her snap pictures of what we did. Oh my lord did she take a TON of pictures! Granted lots of them were horribly blurry but she did manage a few good ones too!

Saturday we celebrated my 27th birthday with red velvet cheesecake brownies made by my wonderful husband along with strawberry daiquiris! Yipppee! My mom and step father also came to town for the week to meet their newest grandbaby!

Sunday my mom and I took the girls out for a bit of shopping or in other words mommy need more breast pads for these leaky things. After a delicious grilled dinner we headed out for baseball and fireworks!

Monday we.... errr. Oh yeah, I remember! We did nothing. Nada. On the 4th of July we hung around the house, ate food, drank beer and did nothing. It was lovely!
Tuesday morning we all headed to the zoo to show off the tigers to Nanny and Poppy and then Brandon and I took Zoey in for a doctors appointment. Baby girl has put enough weight on to not have to go back until her 2 months appointment. Hurray for 7lbs 6 oz!

Wednesday we headed over to the Virginia Living Museum and then out to Chick-Fil-A. Per Maddie it was VERY important that we brought Nanny and Poppy to Chick-Fil-A!

Thursday morning we said goodbye to Nanny and Poppy. =( BUT then we took the girls out on a dolphin cruise during which NO I did NOT hand my cell phone over to my 4 year old daughter. Stay tuned for mommy pics from the cruise though!

Friday morning we dressed and showered bright and early and drove 30 minutes from our house to visit O'doodleDoo's Donuts. I found them while browsing the interwebs and told the hubby we will be visiting ASAP. The donuts did not disappoint. My personal favorite? Blueberry pancakes with bacon. AMAZING.


Bri0213 said...

is that the belly button book?!?!?! that is my daughters favorite book EVER :)

Christy said...

I am totally impressed that you did so much with a newborn!!!!!! With my babies, I am happy if I manage to get dressed each day!!!!!

I linked to you in my post today!

Julie C said...

Ok so I hope this is ok to make this comment here, but I figured it was since you mentioned it and since you're always recommending great products to us! When I was nursing my second child I used the Lansinoh breast pads and they're wonderful!Very thin, but very absorbent! With my first son, I would wake up with everything soaking wet with the pads I was using. With my second son I used the Lansinoh pads and never had any issues. Congrats! Also, I agree with the other comment! After my youngest was born I didn't have the energy to go anywhere! You're amazing!

Jamie said...

I am just now getting confident enough to go out and do fun stuff with the kids...and Ashlynn is 6 months old! You are supermom!! And those donuts look SO good right now.

Happy late birthday!!

I totally need to do a post like this, I take so many pictures with my phone. I'd be lost without it. :)