Monday, July 25, 2011


OMG! I can't believe sweet baby Zoey is already 1 month old. Too quick I declare! On the bright side though she is now awake more during the day and sleeping a heck of a lot more at night! I am thrilled with her current night time schedule of bed at 9:30pm, food time 2:30am, fast asleep again at 3am and then up for more foods at 6:30am. Not bad!

Nursing seems to be going much easier this time with Zoey than it did with Maddie. At this point I was leaking like a faucet through all of my clothes and sobbing every time Maddie ate. I am proud to announce none of that is happening this time! haha Nursing while out and about has been a bit more trying though. She hates eating when she is warm and well..... it's always warm now! And of course because it's so hot she hates being covered when she eats so we spend a lot of time in the air conditioned car nursing when we are out running errands.

I am slowly adjusting to life with two kiddos and think it's going pretty well. I have managed to take the girls out by myself. A lot. In the past month we have been to the zoo 3 times, 2 baseball games, the Living Museum, art class and grocery shopping twice. Most of that was just me and the two girls and we survived. Yippee! Grocery shopping was my big fear but was thrilled to find our grocery store has infant seats attached to the carts so that made everything so much easier!


Brandon said...

You do such an awesome job with our daughters Baby Girl. Wish I could hang out with you guys all day long.

Cassie said...

Wow she is growing so fast!