Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Happy 5th Birthday

Yesterday was Maddie's actual birthday so of course we had to celebrate again! Her requests were a trip to the toy store and an evening at Chuck E Cheese. Done and Done. 

Maddie woke up to her usual birthday balloon bouquet but this time with dollar bills floating in them. Five dollars to be exact. She was thrilled of course. Next up were birthday cake pancakes for breakfast!

Maddie spent the morning playing in the sprinkler and hanging out with Zoey before Brandon came home from work. 

After daddy got home from work it was time for presents. Yes more! Spoiled little girl!

Maddie had some birthday money burning a hole in her pocket so a trip to Toys R Us was next on the list. She came out with quite the Littlest Pet Shop collection. The sparkly elephant was the best find though!

As requested a trip to Chuck E Cheese was in order. We decided to try one out that is a bit farther away than our usual one and we were so happy to find it was BRAND NEW. Clean! Games that work! Surprisingly good pizza and chicken wings! YEAH! 

We finished up the evening with cupcake milkshakes instead of cake again. Maddie said this year was her best birthday ever so I THINK that means we did good!

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Rosie said...

Aww so cute! My daughter just turned 10 on the 23rd and my son turned 6 on the 25th. Amanda got to go to the movies with 4 friends, and one slept over for her birthday and for Cooper my mom treated our family and my 2 nieces to a trip to the aquarium on Cooper's actual birthday for the new dinosaur exhibit. I just love kids birthdays! It makes them so happy!