Saturday, May 14, 2011

Slightly Obsessed. Err Totally Obsessed.

Yes I am still alive. Yes I am still carrying a baby. Fingers crossed for only 5 more weeks rather than 7! I wasn't really up for blogging last week, and I am pregnant so I can use that as an excuse. I suppose it sort of worked out anyways what with all the Blogger issues but alas here I am!

About a week or so ago I finally gave into the peer pressure all over the Twitters and joined Pinterest. Holy awesome waste of time, I am in love! If you haven't already joined you REALLY should and if you have no clue what it is stop by my friend Suzanne's blog because she offers up a great how to tutorial on the awesomeness that is Pinterest. Although I have to add one thing to her list of do's and don'ts: for the love of all that is good when you pin from a blog pin from the POST and not the blog's main page!!! That drives me insane. Anyways...

This is what my board currently looks like. Yeah I go a little pin crazy sometimes especially when it comes to crafts and recipes! That's okay right?

Well I am pleased to say I have actually put some of my pins to use and MADE them. Go figure.
Homemade Potato Chips from Food For My Family- Amazing! I haven't had a chance to make the avocado dip yet but I will. Soon.

Outdoor Color Match from Frugal Family Fun- Cheap and perfect for outside play and our family reunion vacation in a few weeks!

  Balloon wreath from Our Best Bites- I am so excited to have actually made this. It has been on my to-do list forever and with hubby's birthday this week I managed to do it just in time! I plan on hanging it on the door for the birthday week of everyone in the family!

Hummingbird cake from Bouffe e Bambini- Swoon! So delicious. I guess it is supposed to be a cake frosted with cream cheese frosting but one batch made 4 mini loaves (3 of which I froze for Zoey's arrival) and the other we have been munching on. I am not the only one who loves fruit breads with cream cheese right? Yum!

Thanks a Latte gift card holder from eighteen25- Technically not finished but I also don't need it until I have Zoey so I have time. I thought it would be a great gift idea for the couple that will be watching Maddie while I am in labor.

So are you signing up for Pinterest or are you already on? Please let me know so I can follow you! You can follow me HERE.


Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

I joined Pinterest a few weeks ago, but I am still trying to figure it out. What is your name on there? I'll follow you.

Amanda said...

Here is the link to my boards:

Heidi @ Mom's Crafty Space said...

I'm still on the waiting list :( I'll be sure to add you once I get in!

Michelle said...

I would love an invite so I could join :0)

Stacy said...

Okay, so you have me totally hooked! I just read the tutorial, so I think I have it figured out now! =)