Friday, April 22, 2011

A Garden of Her Own

Every spring Maddie and I plant flowers and a vegetable garden and she loves it. Unfortunately knowing that I am having a baby in two months and will most likely be rather busy and exhausted this summer I decided to skip our regularly scheduled garden. Oh my was there an uproar. So instead of our usual I decided Maddie could plant her own container garden. 

Her garden. 
Her garden to take care of and water. 
No responsibility for me.

 I was surprised how willing Maddie was to get absolutely filthy! 

 When we went to pick up supplies Maddie was in charge of all decisions. Which flowers, which colors and which pot. Surprise, surprise it's a pot of pink!

 When daddy came how she had to rush him outside and show off her garden.
"Daddy you can NOT pick these flowers. I take care of them so no picking!"

 Every morning she wakes up asking if she can go water flowers.
 "Go right ahead my dear!"

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Morgan said...

Looks awesome!! I love her assortment.