Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter Countdown: Egg #3, #4 & #5

Ack! We are behind. Maddie has been picking eggs out of the basket every day but we had a bit of a busy weekend and we got behind. Surprise, surprise. We are catching up though!

Egg #3 was making bunny ears and hopping around. We went simple with this activity and used cardstock, glue stick and glitter. Simple. Adorable. 
 Maddie was thrilled to finally pick a number egg and select the matching craft kit. She did a great job lacing up the basket all by herself. Gah. She is growing up too fast! Maddie said the basket is a gift for her bunny Daisy that she made at Build A Bear last week!

Her next egg came with a make your own Easter candy necklace kit. I found the big box at Walmart for $5 or so. I am sure the kits will come in handy in the next week! We also ended up sticking another egg filled with a kit in an egg and shipped it off to Maddie's aunt. Yes we stuck an Easter egg in the mail. You can do that you know!

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