Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter Countdown: Egg #2

This whole basket full of eggs thing apparently was GENIUS on my part. Yesterday morning she ran down the stairs and opened her egg at 6:30. Before breakfast and Handy Manny! Impressive, I know!

A few weeks ago Maddie mentioned a desire to make a bird in a nest and I discovered this adorable clay egg scene at Ordinary Life Magic. The initial plan was to make something similar but then we sort of went off on our own little tangent.

Last weekend I used the last of our Pluffy clay to make the egg. I ended up rolling out about half of a package and then molding it around a large plastic egg. Despite the cooking instructions I tossed the egg (plastic egg and all) in the oven at 175F for about 10 minutes. I didn't want to completely dry the clay at that point but I did want it firm enough to keep it's shape. With an X-Acto blade I sliced around the outside of the egg and was able to split the egg in half and remove the plastic egg. I returned the clay to the oven at 275F this time for another 10 minutes to finish the drying process. 

Maddie set off into the backyard in her pajamas yesterday morning to scavenge for nest building materials. 

I ended up grabbing a few natural colored odds and ends out of the craft closet to supplement the twigs.

Then it was construction time, of course with a little break for oatmeal in between! Instead of building the nest in the egg we opted to build it with lots of glue on a paper plate.

ahh, can you spy the tell tale signs of a stuffy nose?
By the afternoon the glue was finally dry and Maddie layed her precious egg in the nest.

She was so proud of her nest and loved that the baby birds could hatch from their shell. She decided against painting her egg yesterday but I believe she intends on painting it today!

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